Future Workshops and Courses With Lucie Cookson

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Drawing and Painting the Portrait with Lucie Cookson
Tidy St. Birdham Pool
July 31st
10am - 3pm
Learn how to create a portrait with ease, using Renaissance techniques and Lucie’s own tried and tested methods. Working from a model in the studio, construct an accurate likeness and avoid the hit or miss approach!

Pastels with Lucie Cookson
August 7th
10am - 3pm
Discover the unique joys of painting with pastels, one of the most versatile and forgiving mediums. The course will cover key techniques such as mixing, blending, scumbling, sgraffito, hatching and feathering. You will be given several different approaches and learn both modern and contemporary techniques.

Life Drawing All Levels with Lucie Cookson
August 16th & 17th
10am - 3pm
In this day spent really enjoying drawing from life, you’ll look at proportions and how the body fits together. Exercises are designed to develop all aspects of life drawing. You will work with different materials and techniques to discover your best work. Suitable for all.

Painting a Portrait in Oils with Lucie Cookson
August 30th & 31st
10am - 3pm
A workshop for those who want to hone their skills in portraiture and use of oils. You’ll be focusing on flesh tones, grounds and how to create a convincing likeness, working from a model in the studio. Lucie provides friendly, expert instruction on the interactive principles of composition, as well as the anatomy of the human face and the key relationships among its features. The two days cover the techniques of traditional portraiture as well as Lucie’s own methods. Returners are very welcome. Suitable for all.