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Tidy Street now has a full week of courses with something for everyone, even those who don't know where to start! Get creative in 2017 and find a regular slot in your week to surprise yourself , make new friends and eat home made cake. Our tutors are all exhibiting artists keen to pass on their technical skills and passionate about the craft they teach. At tidy St. our mission statement is "working artists teaching working methods" this means that students are given both practical training and encouragement and support. . We are very privileged to have both international artists and the creme de la creme of the local area working with us so join in and get the benefit of their fantastic tuition. Contact Lucie 0n 01243670065/ for bookings or any further information or contact us via the contact page on this web site
Tidy St. Courses 2017

Commencing April 22nd Half Term –May 27th

Our Regular groups provide ongoing support and guidance enabling students to reach their true potential. Projects focus on teaching core skills and techniques whilst being both challenging and rewarding. Students at Tidy St. see a measurable improvement in their painting and drawing term on term.


Discovering Creative Painting 10pm-1pm

10week course £265
Commencing September 19th
Oils and other painting and drawing mediums Beginner intermediate.

Lucie's passion and skills with oil paint are infectious.
No need for experience just get painting like you never thought possible!

“Promised myself I would take up oil painting one day and couldn't believe how it surpassed all my expectations. Many thanks to Lucie it was an amazing experience with pictures worthy of wall space by the end of the first term!! I am hooked.”

Having never used oils before or done a lot of painting with other mediums, I’m amazed at the results I’ve achieved in just the first ten-week course. As well as Lucie’s’ technical knowledge being passed on, it’s her sense of humour and enthusiasm for painting that rubs off the most making learning a new skill relaxed and easy. I’m now hooked and can’t wait for a new term to begin “

[i]Figures and Faces

£12 Per session for members (including Chichester Art Society Members)
£15 non Members
£10 when booking 5 or more sessions
Drop in Portrait and Life Drawing group. 1.30-4.30pm.

This group gives you the chance to work from a model along side Lucie. There will be a short talk after the tea break and lots of help and encouragement.


Creative Painting with Lucie Cookson 10-1pm
10 weeks £265
Commencing 21st September

A relaxed and inspirational painting course designed to help beginners to get started with painting, whilst also supporting more advanced painters to develop their skills and techniques.

“The use of colours and exploring them, has made me SO into colours, quite incredible! It is a very relaxing course and a happy one. Particularly when the delicious cakes come round!!”


Oils Momentum with Lucie Cookson
£265 Intermediate to advanced
Commencing Saturday 23rd
This course is all about the beauty and versatility of oil Paints. Lucie has won several awards for her work in Oils and has pioneered techniques that cannot be learnt anywhere else. Students get the benefit of Lucie’s know how coupled with her enthusiasm and original ideas for projects. There is an emphasis on technique both contemporary and traditional but students will also have the opportunity to find their own style and explore their own painting language.

If you have ever wanted to have a go at sculpting then you owe it to yourself to give it a try.
Alix runs two classes during the school term for anyone wanting to try their hand at working in clay.

These groups are open to anyone and there is a good mix of new and experienced sculptors. Working with the help of a life model students train their hand eye co -ordination and observational skills. Time is also spent exploring other approaches working from imagination or drawing on inspiration of the masters to create unique and personal works. Students have gone on to sell their work within exhibitions and the local Art Trail
" It is my favorite day of the week "
" My expectations have been more than fulfilled, my aim was to have the confidence to tackle anything and with your wonderful teaching have achieved this . "

Go on do something inspired ...give Lucie a call 01243670065